Italy Cycling, June 2017 - Richard Schooler

In June I went on a cycling trip in Italy, with a group of friends from Quad Cycles.  We stayed outside the village of Barolo, one of the top names in Italian wine, which is in the Piedmont, in the Northwest part of Italy next to France.  It was a great trip, including:

- Cycling around the hills and vineyards of the the Alte Langhe;

- A rainy-day tour of Turin, and it's wonderful Automobile Museum;

- Heading over the Col de Melogno in the Ligurian Hills to Finale Ligure on the Mediterranean coast;

- A huge climb up the Colle della Fauniera in the Cottian Alps;

- A walk around Alba, the provincial capital and home of Ferroro, maker of Nutella;

- Finally, a weekend touristing in Milan.